About RESPECT Group

About RESPECT Group

We take personal responsibility for the quality of your insurance

We've been insuring your business since 1993

We are Czech and Slovak insurance broker companies dealing in insurance for businesses and entrepreneurs (B2B) since 1993. We provide our clients with services by means of a stable team of qualified experts in all insurance segments available on the insurance market. An important part of our services is quality risk management and an efficient system of claim handling. As an insurance broker, we are entirely independent, and we always defend the interests of our clients. We are one of the leading broker company on the Czech and Slovak insurance market.

How do we work:

  • We perform a risk inspection 
  • We review your current insurance and settings of the optimum insurance program
  • We elaborate an offer for just the right insurance program for the needs of your business
  • We manage your insurance program
  • WWe perform our own claim handling service in case of insured claim
  • We provide you with comprehensive advisory and consultation service

We enjoy insuring businesses and entrepreneurs!

Every line of business has its own specifics and demands. We focus on precise configuration of a comprehensive insurance program adjusted to the special demands of the area of business of each client. The insurance program may, in relation to client needs, include not only ordinarily negotiated property insurance and third-party liability insurance but also specialized products – insurance on environmental damage, credit risk insurance, transportation insurance, construction insurance and more. More at Insurance and services for businesses.

We build on quality RISK MANAGEMENT

Risk management is a concept of comprehensive protection of the company against the possible insurance claim.

  • We identify and analyze risks
  • We appraise risks – we enumerate potential damage, the impact of damage, the frequency of damage
  • We manage and control risks – we eliminate risk-forming activities  

We have our own division CLAIM HANDLING

In case an insured claim occurs, RESPECT will do everything to minimize your necessary administration affiliated with insurance claims. Participation of the client's employees when an insurance claim occurs is therefore limited to only providing notice of the insurance claim and the necessary documents.

Services relating to claim handling of insured claims

  • Accepting the client's notification of the insured claim
  • Providing consultation and proposing the next steps
  • Arranging an inspection by a adjuster from RESPECT or one from the insurance company
  • Notifying insured claim to the insurer
  • Securing payment of a deposit
  • Controlling the accuracy of paid out indemnification
  • Maintaining claims records, consulting, reporting

Chart/Graph of the development of premium income of RESPECT GROUP in mil. CZK